Tony Turrill 


E-Mail received 2/8/2006

Tony Turrill,  Keen Amateur.
My clarinets and basset horn were approaching the stage when they needed a repad and I felt that the expense of having them fitted with superpads  could,  if necessary,  be justified to “she who must be obeyed”.  The effect was immediately obvious and the basset in particular became a joy to play.
 I also have a Selmer Mark II Bass, bought new and a great disappointment as it proved very difficult to play.  I was never sure whether the problem was me or the instrument.  It is rosewood.  Was this a mistake?  Should I have bought blackwood? Was the wood flaking under a pad somewhere that I couldn’t find?   I wondered whether the superpads would make a difference but found it difficult to justify the expenditure to myself,  never mind anyone else.  After all,  the leather pads on it were virtually new.  As a last resort,  before selling the instrument, my experience with my clarinets and basset horn finally convinced me to try the superpads.  The difference was unbelievable.  The instrument now plays so easily that it justifies every penny spent on the repad. 



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