Ronald Woodley

Professor of Music

 University of Central England, Birmingham Conservatoire

E-Mail received  811/8/2006

Dear Eddie,
I just wanted to write, after you
Superpadded my Bb clarinet a few weeks ago, to say how absolutely delighted I am with the way the instrument is playing. The thing that strikes me most is the extraordinary evenness of tone that has been achieved across the whole range, and the increased quietness and security of the action. I am really enormously grateful to you for this remarkable advance in pad technology, and I am much looking forward to having my bass clarinet Superpadded in a couple of weeks time, as arranged.

With all best wishes, and looking forward to seeing you later this month,
Ron Woodley

Professor Ronald Woodley
Department of Research
UCE Birmingham Conservatoire
University of Central England in Birmingham
Paradise Place
Birmingham B3 3HG




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