Richard Edwards  


Teacher, Music Magazine Editor  

As Editor of two magazines, one devoted to single reed the other to wind instruments, the quantity of items received for independent review that fall on my desk defies belief. I get very cynical and only today four instruments were collected not worthy for review.

Just occasionally something appears that actually excites me for the enthusiasm that poured from busy professional players meant I had to take Eddie's Superpads seriously. I had a duty to my readers to pursue this innovation. Fitted to my clarinet I cannot add to the comments made by them except to agree. The pads really work - they do cover superbly, they are quiet and they eliminate the problems experienced by conventional ones. Continual problems with an alto clarinet played in the North Wales Clarinet Choir vanished once fitted with Superpads and I am now recommending them to my students.

Decorate this man, order of his pads! 




An innovation discovered & perfected by EDDIE ASHTON
- they're the world's finest Clarinet Pads and Bassoon Pads.      

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A complete clarinet overhaul & repair using Superpads will transform your playing!