Nigel Harrison

Principal Clarinet  -  Manx Sinfonia

Copy of e-mail  referred on 30.4.2008

Hi Andre,
As promised details of the firm I used in UK for doing a really good job with my clarinets. Eddie Ashton of Woodwind & Co. is a world renowned repairer of woodwind instruments and the Superpads are wonderful. No leaks and pretty much guaranteed to provide years of trouble-free playing. I've played mine alot for the past 4 years without a single problem after getting them done by Eddie. Prior to that I was plagued by leaks despite two changes of pads. I suggest a visit to his website and if you are interested he certainly is worth emailing for further information. For your info, in 2004, overhauling and superpadding my pair of Selmer Signatures cost GBP 410.60.
Very best wishes
Nigel Harrison




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