Nicholas Cox 

 Ex.Principal Clarinet

Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

Eddie Ashton has hit on a remarkably simple and effective way of ensuring that even the most problematic tone-hole really seals. Having had both my A clarinet and Basset clarinet repadded with these pads, I am delighted with the results, which fully live up to Eddie's claims. Do they change the sound? Well, they enable instruments to speak with more immediacy and hence more clarity, simply by ensuring a perfect seal. For me this took no time to get used to and enables me to take more musical risks, safe in the knowledge that the seal will not let me down. Their success is in no little part due to Eddie's meticulous workmanship and his clarity of thought in their development.




An innovation discovered & perfected by EDDIE ASHTON
- they're the world's finest Clarinet Pads and Bassoon Pads.      

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