David W.White


David White's East Side Jazz Band

Victoria  -  Australia

E-Mail received 22.6.07

Hello Eddie,
The clarinet arrived back safely today and I have just been having a play on it.  
 It seems fine.
I shall use it at the Sofitel Jazz lunch gig this Sunday.
Thank you very much for the great service and fast turnaround time.
I was very happy with the repair to the bell, it looks perfect.  I am taking the two clarinets over to
show a mate of mine who plays in the "New Melbourne Jazz Band" as he is
interested in the Superpads. (He has cork pads on his series 9 Selmer at present). 
 I'll see if I can get a good picture of myself playing the clarinet and send it to you for your picture gallery.

Kind regards,
David White.

E-mail received 25.6.07

Hi Eddie, Attached a pic. of myself with the clarinet you overhauled for me. I used it today & it was great., the other players commented on the good sound. I am using 2.5 Mitchell Lurie reed in a 1.22/18.5mm dimension jazz faced mouthpiece

Best wishes & kind regards    David White




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