Colin Pownall 

Principal Bass Clarinet

BBC Philharmonic Orchestra

For many years there seems to have been a lot of discussion amongst clarinet players about which sort of pads to use and if they really make a huge difference. I used to be firmly in the leather camp only to succumb to skin pads later in life. Unfortunately they all have the same problem in that they don't make an air-tight seal. It seems so obvious that if the pad doesn't seal the hole completely you don't get an immediate response from the instrument. The only pads that do make a perfect seal are Eddie's Super Pads. They make the instrument more responsive, brighter sounding and more reliable. If you are thinking of having your clarinet repadded then I would suggest that you give Eddie's Pads a try. I am sure you will not be disappointed. They seal the holes that other pads fail to seal.




An innovation discovered & perfected by EDDIE ASHTON
- they're the world's finest Clarinet Pads and Bassoon Pads.      

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