Andrew Roberts

Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Eb/C/Alto Clarinet/Bassett Horn etc.


The first thing which is apparent when you try an instrument with these pads is how alive the tube feels. There is a vibrancy which has not been apparent before. The resistance feels less as the perfect sealing has made the clarinet more efficient. The improvement on the larger instruments also includes a substantial reduction in noise from keywork. Add to this a waterproof surface and instant response, and the only question that remains is, why don't all clarinet manufacturers offer these pads as standard? Sadly, there is a down side. Once you've had one of your instruments equipped with these pads, you will very soon need all your others doing with the same!



An innovation discovered & perfected by EDDIE ASHTON
- they're the world's finest Clarinet Pads and Bassoon Pads.      

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A complete clarinet overhaul & repair using Superpads will transform your playing!